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The first of January is approaching; and you have yet to find a tenant for your condominium rental in the mountains. How do you spare the three-hour drive from your home in the dead of winter to monitor a drastic drop in temperature?

If your rental is set up with a SecureHEAT™ Oil and Gas Furnace Sensor, you can save your time and gas money for a better use. Because the instant your sensor detects an emergency, it triggers the home freeze furnace alarm to notify your home energy service provider. So you can resolve the problem quickly—before the pipes freeze and cause costly damages to your property.

Home Freeze Alarm Gives You ‘Round-the-Clock Peace of Mind

The SecureHEAT Furnace Sensing application for oil and gas furnaces comes with a home freeze furnace alarm to ensure that your property is protected when vacant. The sensor monitors your oil or gas furnace 24/7; and it sets off the home freeze alarm when a hazardous event occurs, such as:

  • Burner lockout
  • Disconnected sensor
  • Faulty sensor
  • Furnace failure
  • Low fuel

Enjoy Easy Installation By Your Home Energy Service Provider

A standard analog telephone is all that’s needed for a SecureHEAT Furnace Sensing application and home freeze alarm. SecureHEAT gives your home energy service provider a customer monitor kit to install at your property. Our solutions also integrate with modern digital services including DSL, VOIP and cable phone. For more information on how it works, go to the Product Overview.

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