About how long does it take for pipes to freeze after furnace failure?

January 9, 2015

Don't deal with water and damage that a burst pipe will cause! Call SecureHEAT Today!

New England weather has arrived and with it ice, snow and freezing temperatures!  In this region of the country we are prone to low temps and we all hear the stories of burst pipes due to freezing. The biggest culprit of these frozen pipes is furnace failure or lack of fuel. Having the SecureHEAT home temperature sensor as part of your system can aid in protecting your home from freezing.

So about how long does it take for pipes to freeze after furnace failure?  So many factors to this question, indoor temperature, outdoor temperature, location of pipes in the house or business, then there is if there is any insulation on the pipes and any outdoor drafts that can also aid in the process.  Another factor is if the faucet was left to drip in case the furnace goes out.  One calculation was very detailed in the fact that the pipes in the basement (that was only at 42 degrees) that were not insulated with an outdoor temperature of only 20 degrees had burst the copper pipe after 15.6 hours after furnace failure.

With all these factors involved that is not a lot of time to have to deal with the water and damage that a burst pipe will cause. Most people are out of their houses for the majority of their day between work, commuting and there is always the kids afterschool activities!  It would be nice to have the peace of mind of coming home to a warm house!

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