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About how long does it take for pipes to freeze after furnace failure?

January 9, 2015

New England weather has arrived and with it ice, snow and freezing temperatures!  In this region of the country we are prone to low temps and we all hear the stories of burst pipes due to freezing. The biggest culprit of these frozen pipes is

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Exclusive, Scul-Tel Home Monitoring System Replacement Opportunity: 11th SecureHEAT Monitor FREE With Purchase of 10 SecureHEAT Monitors!

January 6, 2015

Energy service providers have long been frustrated by the lack of support for the Scul-Tel II monitoring system. In response, SAMCO Electronics is offering a limited-time, Scul-Tel Home Monitoring System replacement opportunity to energy service p

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Protecting Your Property From The Risks Of Power Loss: SecureHeat's Home Monitor Provides Security In Record-Breaking Heat and Drought

September 11, 2012

Record-breaking heat and drought conditions this summer have taken a toll on power plants that need cool water to generate electricity, according to a mid-August report from National Geographic News. From coast-to-coast, many power plants have had

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New Electricity-Powered Home Monitor!

January 9, 2012

SecureHEAT has released their electricity-powered monitor to offer bulletproof protection against battery loss and power outages. Ideal for properties that are unoccupied in winter or use sump pumps for long stretches of time, the new monitor will

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SAMCO Summer Internship Program

May 10, 2011

SAMCO Electronics has a summer internship program where 2 or 4 year Electronics and Computer Engineering Students have the chance to get some hands on work experience in their desired field.

This summer a student from New Hampshire Tech

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